Most common Aircraft

Below are the Top 10 most common aircraft types.

Aircraft Type# of times
1(any manufacturer) Sailplane (GLID)329762
2SCHLEICHER ASK-21Mi (AS21)65535
3ROBIN 2+2 (DR-400)/Cadet/Chevalier (DR-400)/Dauphin 2+2/Dauphin 4/Dauphin 80/DR-400 2+2/DR-400 Cadet/DR-400 Chevalier/DR-400 Dauphin 2+2/DR-400 Dauphin 4/DR-400 Dauphin 80/DR-400 Earl/DR-400 Major/DR-400 Major 80/DR-400 Petit Prince/DR-400 Regent/DR-400 Remo 18 (DR40)52928
4EUROCOPTER EC-135 Bluecopter/Bluecopter/H-135/EC-135/EC-635/EC-135/EC-635 (EC35)48987
5SCHEMPP-HIRTH Duo Discus XT/Duo Discus XLT/Duo Discus T (DUOD)46108
6Socata Socata Trinidad (TRIN)44258
7McDonnell Douglas MD Helicopters MD900 Explorer (EXP)31553
8ROBINSON Astro/Clipper/R-44 Astro/R-44 Clipper/R-44 Raven/Raven (R44)29500
9Alexander Schleicher GmbH and Co Schleicher ASK-13 (AS13)29362
10REIMS 172/172 Cutlass/172 Skyhawk/Cutlass/Hawk XP/Mescalero/P172 Skyhawk Powermatic/R172/R172 Hawk XP/Skyhawk/Skyhawk Powermatic/T-41 Mescalero/P-172/F172/F172 Skyhawk/FP172/FR172 Hawk XP/FR172 Reims Rocket/Hawk XP/Reims Rocket/Skyhawk (C172)28893